IULA Encodig Converter Web Service

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This is an encoding converter SOAP web service deployed by the IULA at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

This webservice converts encoding of given files from one encoding to another.
Most IULA SOAP web services are deployed using Soaplab2. Soaplab is a tool that can automatically generate and deploy Web Services on top of existing command-line analysis programs. Soaplab services allow for asynchronous services. However, for testing purposes, the 'runAndWaitFor' operation can be used. This operation starts a job, waits until it is completed and returns the job results.
As a general rule, IULA SOAP web services accept input data either as 'direct string' data or as URL. Output results are given both as 'direct string' data and as URL. For large outputs, the 'direct string' option is dissabled.

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